Alexander BebisAlex Bebis, President and Founder of Wealthy Without Wall Street entered the financial services business in 2008. He is an expert in cash value life insurance, and other alternative investments.

People come to Alex because they are tired of looking for a place to store their cash where it will work hard for them and still be accessible. They are sick of having their IRA roller coaster ride with the stock market, and want an investment that will actually provide cash flow every month.

“Problems can’t be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.” – Einstein

With Alex, you will focus on alternatives for cash, growth, and income. You will learn how current “accumulation style financial planning” promoted by Wall Street, their advisers, and the media leaves your money “locked up”, making you an easier target to market loss, fees, interest payments, inflation, and taxes. Instead, your dollars are unchained and put in motion, using each at its optimum potential, which will increase your current cash flow and overall wealth.

People have enjoyed working with Alex, and appreciate his knowledge in preserving their hard earned dollars, increasing their wealth, and exposing the half truths and falsehoods of conventional financial planning.

By understanding how their personal economy works and applying the 7 Principles of Prosperity: think, see, measure, flow, control, move, multiply; they are able to take advantage of opportunities to increase their money supply now and in the future.

By maximizing every dollar, and not subjecting their money to risky speculative investments, people see a positive difference and are able to enjoy a positive and happier lifestyle.

Alex lives south of Boston, MA with his wife and daughter. He is a passionate student of Austrian Economics. He loves to travel with his wife, and mountain bike and ski around the country.

Agents’ and Brokers’ Principles of Ethical Market Conduct

Each insurance agent and broker subscribing to these principles commits her and himself in all matters affecting the sale of individually-sold life and annuity products:

  1. I will conduct business according to high standards of honesty and fairness and render that service to my clients which, in the same circumstances, I would apply to myself.
  2. I will provide competent and customer-focused sales and service, and will maintain a level of professional competence through a lifetime commitment to professional growth and continuing education.
  3. I acknowledge the different constituents whom I serve: insurance companies and the wider insurance industry, my clients, my client’s advisers, my community, and my family – and I will resolve ethically any conflicts that might arise between those relationships.
  4. I will communicate fully and effectively so that clients receive appropriate recommendations that balance the natural inclination to maximize benefits, tempered by their unique tolerance – or lack of tolerance – for risk.
  5. I will deliver to my clients a statement of business processes, methods of compensation, and other disclosures appropriate to an open and professional business relationship.