Challenging Established ThinkingTypical Financial Planning is Broken

Cash Flow is King

The goal is more money to enjoy each month, not just a bigger portfolio.

You are Empowered

Instead of a professional planner as the expert, where finances are represented as something confusing. Money is demystified. Using an education-based approach which builds financial confidence.

Recovering Opportunity Costs

A major mistake of popular thought, is that wealth creation is a function of finding the highest rate of return. It’s not. You should be focused on protecting your wealth, and being more efficient and effective with your money.

Money Moves

Dollars are used for flexible and multiple purposes; as opposed to each dollar serving one purpose only, and/or “locked” into accounts you can’t touch.

Strategy Oriented

Using time-tested principles and philosophies, and coordinating various financial products we buy into what we can do with them in combination with one another.

You Control Your Money

Normally, institutions control your assets by putting them “under management”. Instead, you get to have the decisions and the opportunities with your money that would otherwise be given away.

The Old Way of Invest and HopeIs Not Acceptable


There seems to be no shortage of financial advice out there, but that has not led to economic success for most people. Too many Americans are having trouble saving for their own needs and wants while struggling to pay down debt and keep up with the rising costs of healthcare and college educations.

Many are saving in their 401Ks and other tax qualified retirement plans, crossing their fingers hoping it will be “enough”. Meanwhile, even those considered relatively wealthy are often unsure of how to grow their assets while protecting them from market instabilities, and taxes. Wealthy Without Wall Street offers a way out of this mess.


It is a group of advisors and people who don’t believe typical financial planning works very well, and that it often doesn’t tell the “whole truth” about your money. Nor does it do a very good job protecting it.

Traditional wealth-building tools such as owning a business, investing in real estate, and saving, borrowing and transferring wealth with high cash value life insurance. NO gambling on Wall Street, or putting your nest egg into retirement programs where you don’t have access and the gov’t gets to tax you later.

Some people come by already knowing what they want, and are ready to take action. Others want comprehensive advising; from an in-depth examination of their personal economy, to not knowing what they want exactly. For these clients, we go through our five step proprietary process based on the 7 Principles of Prosperity.

There is no one size fits all, but usually with people who are independent thinkers, that want control of their money, and have a strong desire for financial flexibility.